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Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad. But these feelings are usually short-lived and pass within a couple of days. When you have depression, it interferes with daily life and causes pain for both you and those who care about you. Depression is a common but serious illness.

Many people with a depressive illness never seek treatment. But the majority, even those with the most severe depression, can get better with treatment. Medications, psychotherapies, and other methods can effectively treat people with depression.

Depression, like anxiety, can originate from different sources. For some people, itís genetic. One or both parents, grandparents, and so forth could have a history of depression, so it makes sense that it could be inherited. If relatives had successful treatment, consider that treatment first. Other people have extreme experiences including major losses that make them more vulnerable to depression than other people. Depression is part of dozens of medical conditions including thyroid disorders all the way to cancer.

Individuals with bipolar disorder have various mood changes lasting hours, days or months which can include manic as well as depressive episodes. How you treat depression in bipolar is different than how you treat depression that stands alone.

Some people experience depression in only one part of the year, for example, summer but especially winter. Up to five percent of the population has a seasonal mood change, usually in winter beginning around late October/early November and ending with spring. Such Seasonal Affective Disorder has a variety of available treatments, the most effective and least expensive one being adding special light exposure everyday while the sun is dimmer than during the rest of the year.

Sorting out depression should start with a physical exam with your primary care doctor and then a treatment plan that considers psychotherapy as well as medication, or in the case of seasonal depression, the light therapy option.




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