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Insurances Accepted

Aetna EAP (Formerly Horizon Health) MHN
Aetna PPO Optum-Tricare
Aetna HMO PacifiCare HMO
Anthem Blue Cross HMO Tri-West
Blue Cross/Blue Shield FEP Tricare Prime
Blue Shield HMO UMR
Blue Shield of California United Behavioral Health
Blue Cross Healthy Families United Healthcare
Blue Cross PPO United Healthcare HMO
Blue Cross HMO VA Choice
CHAMPUSVA Victims of Crime
CHIPA Victim Witness
Cigna HMO
Health Net (MHN) Others Pending
Health Net HMO


If you have more than one insurance policy, it can be complicated.  For example, if you have Medi-Cal and another healthcare policy with some other insurance company, you need to understand how they interact. Medi-Cal regards itself as the secondary insurance policy, the safety net and insurance of last resort. Medi-Cal requires that all the deductibles and co-pays of the "other" insurance must be paid first and there are literally hundreds of policies and coordination of benefits through other companies. While it might seem like a good deal for you to have both insurances, it might not be. Let us explain.

If you have Medicare and Medi-Cal, not every psychologist or other licensed mental healthcare provider, accepts your particular combination. For example, we do not accept Medicare and Medi-Cal, the so-called Medi-Medi combination because we do not accept Medicare. Medi-Cal requires a healthcare provider to bill Medicare first and then Medi-Cal will pay anything not paid by Medicare.  Thatís their rules, not ours.

If you have Kaiser or Anthem Blue shield, Blue Cross, etc. there may be a large deductible (e.g. $1000 or $2000) you must first meet before Medi-Cal will pay anything on your behalf. Itís their rule.

It is your responsibility to call your "other insurance company" to find out the details of your coverage and the coordination of benefits between your policies. Medi-Cal cannot tell you the specifics of your other policy and we cannot start services without a clear path forward of how we will be paid.

You may decide that you want to drop your other policy, but please understand that we cannot provide services under Medi-Cal as you want until Medi-Cal is your only coverage.  We did not make the rules, but we do have to follow them to earn our living.





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